Recovery is not always symptom-free or relapse-free, even if that is your goal. It is an ongoing process of management, change, and acceptance. It is not the strongest or smartest who survive, according to Charles Darwin, but those most adaptable to change.

It is not about being “fixed” in order to conform to normative values – you are not broken; you are fit for this world and you are worthy. You can find inner tranquility.

Recovery is a journey not a destination.

It is about re-establishing hope, working towards a secure base in terms of fundamental needs, developing a durable sense of self through supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, meaning-making, and deconstructing problem-saturated narratives.

Recovery is about identifying and working around systemic barriers to functionality and wellness, recognizing negative and stigmatizing attitudes and seizing them as an opportunity for psychoeducation and advocacy, and paving the way for those in isolation to reintegrate into and participate in society.

No one’s life is perfectly sunny. We all need to learn to dance in the rain because we cannot control the weather! Peer Support offers you an umbrella – it doesn’t stop it from raining, it stops you from getting wet!