Mission, Vision & Values


Helping you rewrite the story of your life.


A world in which mental health is not stigmatized, dismissed, or diminished; in which respect and empathy are extended universally regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or (dis)ability; and, in which a holistic understanding of health and well being demands that we engage in an ethics of care that is blind, fair, and individualized.



Empathy is feeling WITH someone; sympathy is feeling FOR them. It is healthy in this practice to go through the process TOGETHER rather than for it to be a top-down clinical relationship in which only one party sees transformative change. In the peer support model, a coach may facilitate your learning but you EQUALLY light their journey just by sharing your experience.


A basic understanding, mutual respect, and trust between client(s) and coach/facilitator is the foundation of all future work towards end goals in this process.


This is the dividing factor between the clinical and the peer support process – no one is the couch-bound subject of a Freudian-esque fervent, silent, and private note-taker who says “how do you feel about that?” Instead, your coaching experience is tracked and shared with you, the mechanics and aims of exercises are explained, and your input or needs modify them; your supporter is there to make clear what may be mystifying about navigating your way through recovery by sharing their own recovery story, coping strategies, and other tools.


You will be armed with an arsenal of resources, psychoeducation, self-confidence and self-esteem building techniques so that you can reclaim or harness your personal agency and direct your course.


Openness, willingness, resilience, and persistence fuel the recovery process.