Conscious Creativity

Mood Mend offers two program streams Writing for Wellness (Narrative Therapy based) and Conscious Creativity (Art Therapy based). Both are offered FREE and at the novice level.

Conscious Creativity is just a new tool in your toolbox for recovery — a new way to express yourself outside of traditional talk therapy. It’s about the process more than the product and it’s a great way to get out and meet like-minded peers with lots of support.

It follows the same overall arc as Writing for Wellness with similar learning objectives:

WEEK 1: CHOICE IN VOICE — colour washes & blending (acrylic paint)
WEEK 2: EXCHANGE — fundamentals of drawing (pencil)
WEEK 3: CATHARSIS — gestural drawing (charcoal)
WEEK 4: DHARMA vs. KARMA — sketching the self and others (chalk or oil pastel)
WEEK 5: FULFILLED — rework a piece
WEEK 6: BULLETED — vision boards (magazine collage)
WEEK 7: MIRROR, MIRROR — printmaking (ink)
WEEK 8: REFRACTED WISDOM — mosaics (acrylic paint)
WEEK 9: BRIGHT SIDE — sculpture (modelling clay)
WEEK 10: PROGRESSION — medium of choice

You will be learning to follow your creative impulse and trust your intuition, how to use various mediums, and how to bring what is inside of you out.